Mary Fox

“It was an excellent service. Jonathan was very efficient and even offered to come in at the weekend, when our clients aren’t around, so it was very convenient. He kept us up-to-date with everything and ensured we got what we wanted. We’ve even used the floor plan in mock Health & Safety projects with the students!”

Richard Taylor

“We were looking after a hotel development for a client,” says Richard, “and Jonathan advised that they didn’t actually need an EPC, so was able to save us extra work and the client some money. He is very honest like that.”

Chris Harper

“Jonathan has a very pro-active attitude. His skills are first class and his instructions are very clear and knowledgeable. He doesn’t just tell you the problem, he always suggests a solution.”


Hi Jonny “Diamond”, Thank you for your very prompt and efficient attention to my portfolio. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you and I say again I think you were left in a very challenging situation with the learning material at the start of the course and I’m sure had it not been for own expertise in […]

External Verifier

“Excellent set of portfolios. Tracking and feed back records were excellent and an example of Best Practice.”


Thank you very much for this Jonny, so appreciate your guidance. Boy has this been a battle..thank goodness for Google and your advice!…I am going to owe you a lot of chocolate biscuits!