Knowing Your EPC

Expert service for a firm of Chartered Surveyors in Lancaster.

As someone who deals with leasing and selling properties all the time, Richard Taylor of Richard P Taylor Chartered Surveyors in Lancaster often needs to arrange an EPC or a lease plan on behalf of his clients. Murton & Co’s specialism in energy efficiency makes us an ideal service provider in this context.

“They’re good value for money,” says Richard Taylor. “Jonathan knows what he’s talking about. If I have any queries, I can just pick up the phone and get his advice.”

It always pays to have an expert on hand to make sure you don’t fall foul of the regulations. It’s also good to know that the person giving the advice has your best interests at heart, as well as that of your clients.

Murton & Co has the end result in mind from the outset. What needs to be done gets done professionally. No cutting corners and no unnecessary ‘additional services’ for the sake of making a quick buck.

Sometimes, for example, a property may not even need and EPC.

We were looking after a hotel development for a client,” says Richard, “and Jonathan advised that they didn’t actually need an EPC, so was able to save us extra work and the client some money. He is very honest like that.”

In this instance planning approval had been granted for the existing building to be demolished and redeveloped. The property was being sold ‘off-market’ to a select shortlist of developers. As there was a clear intention by the prospective purchasers to redevelop the site, in this case when applying the EPB Regulations, an EPC was not required. Professional advice should always be sought to ensure the correct action is taken.