Piping Hot Efficiency for Scottish Brewer

Stewart Brewing 1When Scottish ale producers Stewart Brewing Ltd built a new unit for their factory, the design and services had to comply with Section 6 of the Scottish Building Standards.

As well as being brought into ensure compliance with Building Standards, Murton & Co advised on making design adjustments that would save energy and running costs. This also provided for a much better efficiency rating.

Stewart Brewing Case Study image group

In consultation with the company’s director, Steve Stewart, we proposed that the waste water from the brewing process could effectively feed the central heating system for the offices, toilets and retail space.

This process would conserve energy and reduce CO2 emissions to make the plant much more energy efficient. As a result, the rating was guaranteed to be higher than it would otherwise have been.


“We relied on clear and expert advice in order to make our new building as energy efficient as possible,” says Steve Stewart. “Jonathan and the team knew exactly what they were doing, and we were very pleased with the initiatives they came up with. In the long term, as well as saving us money, it’s good to know that we are playing our part in reducing carbon emissions and looking after the environment.”