Old wicker takes offence and is replaced – Listed building application to replace a wicker fence

Murton & Co were approached by The Salvation Army to support their planning application for the replacement of a rather worn out wicker fence on the southern elevation of Blackpool Citadel. Ordinarily, a proposal of this nature would not require a planning application, but since the building is listed Grade II an application and heritage statement was necessary.

The Citadel was built by Rotts Son and Hennings for Raikes Road Technical School in 1905 and subsequently became Blackpool Grammar School before The Salvation Army took up residence in 1981. Part of the ground floor is let to a childrens nursery. The wicker fence was used to shield the play area, but it had been vandalised and fallen into disrepair. The proposal was to replace it with a fence that would provide better security and have more longevity. The mesh design of the new fence would have a softer impact and enhance the appearance of the site.

Our role was to provide a set of existing and proposed elevations. To keep costs to a minimum and turn the job around quickly, we used a Total Station running SiteMaster software to capture measured data in real time. In so doing we effectively drew the elevation whilst on site. All that was required back in the office was to tidy up the drawing, create a copy to illustrate the proposed fence, insert a location map and highlight the extent of ownership.