An innovative approach to a measured survey – Planning Application for redevelopment of a landmark Victorian building

The Alhambra building which is situated on the sea front in the West End of Morecambe, designed by Herbert Howarth Architect as an indoor market, restaurant and a music hall was first opened in 1901. The building closed during World War II and reopened in 1946 as the Alhambra Palace for live theatre. It was also used as a location for the filming of The Entertainer starring Lawrence Olivier. In 1970 a fire broke out and destroyed much of the roof which has since been re-built, but without the cupola.

In more recent years, the upper floors were used as a nightclub. The property had lain empty for several years before being purchased by our client for redevelopment of the upper floors into 40 apartments. We were instructed to carry out a measured survey and produce a set of as-built floor plans and elevations.

Cost and accuracy were key components of this instruction. The internal layout was quite complicated with split levels and many small internal rooms and corridors. Whilst a fixed head scanner could have been used, due to time and cost constraints we selected the ZEB-REVO handheld scanner.

We completed the measured survey of the interior in the same day as scanning the exterior of the building using a fixed head scanner. We were able to collect threedimensional measured data in a fraction of the time and cost of using a fixed head scanner for the whole job. The processing of the survey data took a little more time, due to the amount of data collected and the number of scans that needed to be registered.