Energy Assessment

To try to demonstrate the work we do when undertaking energy assessments for compliance with Building Regulations Part L (England) or Section 6 (Scotland), these screen capture images convey a little of what is involved, but there is so much more to it!

SBEM Calcs - Visualise 1

SBEM Calcs - Visualise 3

3D image

Measured Survey

Efficient - Fast - Accurate

Here are some examples of the deliverables from our measured surveys. Utilising a mobile CAD solution our work-flow provides time and cost savings that we pass on to the client. These plans could have effectively been issued to the client from site. They would not have been presented in this way (i.e. on a drawing sheet with relationship to each floor level), but that bit doesn't take up much time. Gone are the days of sketching the building layout and transferring onto CAD back in the office.


Floor Plan Example 2

Floor Plan Example 1

Floor Plan Example 3

Elevation Example 1

Measured Survey Example 1

Elevation & Section Example 2

Measured Survey Example 4

Floor Plan Example 4